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페미니스트 인식론의 학교지식으로서의 가치
The Value of Feminist Epistemology as School Knowledge

페미니스트 인식론의 학교지식으로서의 가치

Despite the fact that our society recognizes feminist values such as caring and nurturance that are based on women’s lives as essential values of a human being, these values are still often regarded as virtues based on emotions and not as academically grounded knowledge. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to (re)establishes feminist epistemology’s value as a form of knowledge by correcting such a misconception. In order to obtain this aim, the study examines knowledge about feminine value as properties of knowledge by centering on situated knowledge of feminist epistemology and strong self-reflection concepts. Then, it critically reviews the validity of the existing discussion which views a relation between the sphere of life and the way of thinking by gender as fundamental to examine the characteristics and meaning of feminine values as knowledge. Lastly, it suggests Lipman’s caring thinking, a type of thinking in which feminine values can function as knowledge through a perspective that seeks to understand the personality of society, a public sphere of life, as a community.


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