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교사 대상 폭력과 정신건강문제의 관계에서 자아탄력성과 대처방식의 조절효과
Moderating Effects of Ego-Resiliency and Coping On Violence Against Teachers and Their Mental Health Problems

교사 대상 폭력과 정신건강문제의 관계에서 자아탄력성과 대처방식의 조절효과

The purpose of this study was to expose the reality of violence against teachers by students and the consequent damage to teachers’ mental health, and to investigate moderating factors(ego-resiliency and coping strategies) that mitigate the negative influence of violence on mental health. The subjects were 585 middle school teachers and data from 494 of them were analyzed. As a result, first, 307 out of 494 teachers (62.1%) reported that they had been victims of violence by students within one year. Teachers’ violent experiences were identified as influencing their mental health problems. In particular, teachers’ ego-resiliency, active coping and passive coping were found to show significant moderating effects on the relationship between violence against teachers and mental health. The findings suggest that teachers’ violent experiences negatively affect their mental health, however increasing ego-resiliency and effective coping strategies could mitigate the negative influence on teacher’s mental health as protective factors. Implications for

effective interventions to protect teacher's mental health from violence are discussed based on the results.


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