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Growing global aspirations of MNCs in unlikely places - VOD (2)

Growing global aspirations of MNCs in unlikely places - VOD (2)

Lecturer has international financial backgrounds.

This lecture is about global business by using actual instance of Palm oil market.

Global business world is beyond one's expectation and interest. Once Papua New Guinea was considered as far country nothing to do with global business, but now there are plantation farm of global companies such as PNG and Praxis.

Before starting the business in unlikely places, one should collect information precisely about the places. After collecting information, a big question is 'to invest or not?'

To be successful in global business, one should do many thing well, such as economics, negotiation skills, law, culture, language-especially English, politics, development, geography, science and so on. And there are successful characteristics. Hardworking, pro-active attitude, naturally curious and adventurous mind. And also optimistic, visionary, preserving courageous mind is also needed.

There is no need to be smart, but should not be 'dumb'. Finally, if the luck is with you, you've got everything for global business.


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