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The quest for peace - VOD (2)

The quest for peace - VOD (2)

The lecturer talks about 'The International Crisis Group' as a unique NGO, often thought of as a think tank because it produces reports. The International Crisis Group relies on the written word more than anything else and is an independent, advocacy group. Its purpose is to find solutions to the world's more complicated problems and slogan is “Working to prevent conflict worldwide.” The real purpose of this NGO is to try to be an early warning system for policy makers to alert them when conflict will break out and try to find creative solutions. The reason this NGO is unique is field work - it talks to government officials,, ministers, taxi drivers, and students. A large portion of the group's footnotes and reports are interviews. It is hardest to come up with solutions that are creative yet practical. This was set because it thought the world needed an NGO that focused on trying to prevent conflicts and find solutions. The lecturer also talks about the expansion of this NGO, including information that they were nominated for the Nobel Prize. He also says that the impact the NGO has is hard to measure. This NGO is not a human rights organization but focuses on security issues, and their money is 60% from donors and foundations and 40% from governments. The lecturer talks about the organization in detail, from their focus and aim to their budget and doings.


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