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Artistic robotic drawing on large, non-planar canvas


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  • 소속기관이화여자대학교
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Throughout the history of art, artists have continuously embraced technological advancements, incorporating machines and innovative technologies into their creative endeavors to push the boundaries of traditional art forms. Today, contemporary artists are at the forefront of exploring new avenues for creative expression, with robots emerging as a significant medium for artistic innovation. In this presentation, we will introduce our recent robotic drawing projects that extend the world of art. These robotic systems are designed to produce artistic drawings on large, non-planar canvases, employing techniques such as impedance control, non-conformal mapping, and coverage planning. Furthermore, we will delve into the realm of TSP-pen art, an artistic form that involves the creation of images using piecewise-continuous line segments, showcasing how our robotic systems can extend this concept to achieve quality results. Lastly, we will unveil a stroke-based robotic drawing system that not only produces high-quality drawings but also mimics the behaviors of a human artist, demonstrating the exciting possibilities at the intersection of art and technology.


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