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How immersive technologies (AR/VR) will shape our future | Dinesh Punni | TEDxTUBerlinSalon


  • 강연자/제작자 Dinesh Punni
  • 소속기관TED
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Immersive (AR/VR) technologies are past the hype now. They are already being used across multiple industries outside of what many think is just gaming and entertainment. And now, they are slowly entering the consumer market – so what does this mean for us and our society? Over the next years we have to completely reset our thinking on how we interact with digital information. Dinesh Punni has been eating, drinking, and breathing immersive technologies (AR/VR) for more than 5 years now. Today, he uses his experience to pave the way for upcoming talents by teaching them how to create immersive experiences on his YouTube channel and immersive insiders, his online education platform. More than 10.000 people are learning from his lectures today and his goal is to make immersive insiders the global standard for AR/VR education When Dinesh is not creating content, he loves to read, compete in video games and take a walk in real reality. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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